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Who Do You Love? How WhoWeUse Can Help Your Business

Here at WhoWeUse, we don’t spend all of our time fighting unjust laws, although it might have seemed that way the last two weeks. In fact, we spend most of our energy trying to make the app better for both consumers and local businesses.

Since our launch in early October, we’ve been mostly focused on consumers, gathering crucial early feedback to see how people are using the public beta version of WhoWeUse. This week, we’ve shifted our attention a bit to businesses, explaining how our app can help them strengthen ties with existing customers and find new customers. After all, the whole idea behind WhoWeUse is that it connects consumers with the best local businesses recommended by their friends and neighbors.

As part of this effort, Wednesday morning cofounder John Garbarino and I attended a meeting of the Maplewood Chamber of Commerce where we were invited to address the group. We gave a demo of the app and explained the benefits to local businesses.

The bottom line? WhoWeUse is a powerful marketing tool that can help your business do things like:

  • Tap your clients’ social circles & word-of-mouth
  • Help your clients become your best sales people
  • Identify which clients are spreading the word so you can thank them accordingly
  • Be part of your clients list of “go-to” services
  • Avoid bad reviews, as comments are only about services people say they use and recommend.
  • Avoid fake reviews, since friends can only share with friends there will not be “fake” friends sharing “fake” comments or reviews

 WhoYouLove-handoutback                                         WhoYouLove-handout2

An owner of the local State Farm franchise attending the meeting said she saw a particular need for WhoWeUse around the holiday season because our referral tracking feature would let her identify the customers that referred her the most business during the year. That way, she said she could send them a thank you gift. Pretty cool, eh?

This week we also redesigned the promo cards we’ve been giving to local businesses. The images you see above are the latest version from our head of design Felix Sockwell. We’ve been asking business owners to hand out these cards to their customers. The owners then tell their customers to download the app and share their businesses they love in the app, starting with the one that gave them the card. Businesses get free marketing from their best customers, and we get a new user. It’s win-win!

If you like the cards and want some for your business, please send us an a note to feedback@whhoweuse.net and we’ll send you some!

Share the love! And download WhoWeUse here to start helping your local business!

– By Spencer Ante