WhoWeUse Launches the World’s First Social On Demand App for Local Services Beginning in New Jersey

Successful Public Beta Helps Close Pre-Seed Investor Round from Top Silicon Valley and New York Tech Investors – App Redesign Features Modern, Mobile-First, User-Friendly Interface Connecting Users with Quality Local Services

Maplewood, NJ – September 19, 2016 — WhoWeUse, the first social on demand app for local services, announced today availability in New Jersey of its free mobile app that helps consumers find and hire the best local services they need through recommendations from their friends and neighbors. Starting today, people in New Jersey can take advantage of this new service to find and connect with plumbers, painters, physicians and many other trusted local services, helping them to improve their quality of life and maintain their homes.

“WhoWeUse melds on-demand and social networking to create a unique experience centered on service requests and recommendations from your friends and neighbors,” said co-founder and CEO John Garbarino.

After a user requests a service, WhoWeUse connects them immediately with a list of the most recommended services across their social network for the requested category, while also allowing their friends to respond to the request. Users can also choose to be contacted directly by the most recommended services (without giving up their contact info) to get quotes or more information. “We help people to quickly make a well-informed decision and fix their problem, instead of getting recommendations from strangers,” said CTO and co-founder Pete Clark.

Although WhoWeUse will initially focus its marketing efforts on its home suburban New Jersey region, the company is preparing for a wider national roll-out later this year in other major cities and their surrounding suburbs. WhoWeUse is available on Apple’s iOS platform now. An Android version is coming later this fall.

Following a simple registration, WhoWeUse members can upload and share approved local business contact information from their address books, allowing their friends and neighbors to easily see recommendations for the most popular services they use. Members can also add new services, as well as share reviews and photos from the experience. Unlike an email listserv, Facebook groups or other online groups, recommendations from friends and neighbors are organized by category, ranked by popularity and archived for easy, future reference.

“As suburban dads, we’re trying to solve a problem that we encounter in our everyday lives that has yet to be solved by existing solutions,” said co-founder and President Spencer Ante.

Local services are given access to an online dashboard that lets them engage, grow and monetize these social connections. In doing so, businesses can increase their app ranking and word-of-mouth opportunity, which WhoWeUse visualizes for the very first time. Businesses will be able to send current and prospective clients quotes for service requests, offers and thank you notes.

WhoWeUse recently completed a successful pilot program in the New Jersey suburbs where two of its co-founders are based. The first few thousand users of the app shared nearly 10,000 unique businesses, and entered hundreds of requests and recommendations. The public beta validated that WhoWeUse’s mobile-first technology allows people to easily share and organize word-of-mouth recommendations, while helping local businesses to optimize their best source of new business.

The company’s experienced team and pilot metrics helped WhoWeUse helped close a pre-seed investment round that was led by New York early stage investment firm Blue {Seed} Collective. The funds financed a redesign of the app’s user experience and design led by world-class designers Lesley Fleishman and Aleks Gryczon, who both hail from Work & Co.–the agency started by all former HUGE founders.

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