The Village Green: Maplewood-Born WhoWeUse App Moves From Beta to Launch

The Village Green covered our launch as well:

“Remember those blue map pin signs that were popping up all over Maplewood two years ago?

Well, they’re coming back.

WhoWeUse, which debuted in beta locally back in fall 2014, has now launched as “the first social on demand app for local services.”

WhoWeUse is available in New Jersey on Apple’s iOS platform. An Android version is coming later this fall.

Starting today, people in New Jersey can use the WhoWeUse app to find and connect with “plumbers, painters, physicians and many other trusted local services, helping them to improve their quality of life and maintain their homes,” according to a release.

The aim is to help consumers find and hire the best local services through recommendations from friends and neighbors.

John Garbarino

“WhoWeUse melds on-demand and social networking to create a unique experience centered on service requests and recommendations from your friends and neighbors,” said co-founder and CEO — and long-time Maplewood resident — John Garbarino.”

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