WhoWeUse Challenges Maplewood Lawn Sign Ordinance

The Village Green reported on the controversy we triggered with our pin drop lawn signs, which the town declared illegal Tuesday night.

We are gearing up to challenge the ordinance again and petition the Town Committee to update the law to give online businesses the same commercial speech rights as contractors, which are currently allowed to use signs for a limited time.

At the Tuesday night Township Committee meeting, WhoWeUse co-founders John Garbarino and Spencer Ante argued that their business and the signs are a boon to the town, “drawing attention to local businesses.” Garbarino said that as WhoWeUse grows — the app allows users to find recommendations for local services and businesses from trusted friends — Maplewood should benefit. The founders hope to soon be renting office space in Maplewood and hire more local tech talent.

“We are Maplewood proud,” said Garbarino. “We can put Maplewood on the map.”

Garbarino also argued that the homes displaying the signs are doing so voluntarily. “You call these ads. These are our friends.” He said that WhoWeUse was not planning to make more signs and only planned to keep them up until harsh winter conditions hit town.

Ante said that WhoWeUse wanted to “be treated the same as other local businesses,” meaning contractors. He argued that residents should be able to display the signs as long as homeowners are using the service.”

Read more here.

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